August 2013

Head Color Clay Re-Stock!!
The Best Hair Clay On Earth!!

Please Email to

And YES!! We Ship World Wide!!

Product Liabilites

本公司只保证产品日期属实, 品质正宗, 不保证产品是否能达到您所期待的效果, 所有产品描述皆来自官方资料及网络信息, 一旦发生产品不适应、过敏, 没有预期效果等事件, 本公司不承担任何责任, 请您理性看待, 避免产生不必要的误会. 所有护肤品彩妆等都经过过敏测试的, 但不代表所有人都不过敏. 同样商品的期待程度每个人都不同, 要求也不同, 所以不要以没有自己想的那么好或者没有达到您所想要的效果这类理由来要求本公司退换货, 如果您本身 有过敏问题的请先跟本公司确认之后再进行购买跟选择. 在产品为开始贩售以前,本公司已一再确定商品安全。谢谢您的合作!

WILS Trading only guarantees the date, genuineness of product, but does not guarantee on your desired result after using the products. All products' descriptions are retrieved from official website and reliable information source. In the event of allergies, or similar case, or unexpected result, WILS Trading DOES NOT bear any responsibility and liabilities. Please take all incidents from a rational attitude to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. ALL our Skincare, Personal Care, Hair Care and Make-up products passed the allergy tests, but this does not mean that every single personnel shares the same result. Complaints on product does not meet your expectation, allergy case, shall not be entertained, therefore refund or return of the products purchased ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Please clarify this before you proceed to purchase stage. ALL our products had been tested before available for purchasing and releasing to market. Thank you for your cooperation.

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