August 2013

Head Color Clay Re-Stock!!
The Best Hair Clay On Earth!!

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Nigao Professional: Rebonding Lotion Set

Nigao Professional:
Straightening Cream Set
Germany KaQi Technology and Formulation
International Raw Material

Available in:
1. 950 ml X2
2. 500 ml X2

Wheat Protein, Active Amino, Collagen

Apply advanced Germany hair beautifying technology, contain active amine with outstanding effect in repairing hair and improving hair quality, replenish nutrition for hair, combine wheat protein, hydrolyzed protein and collagen, straighten hair, replenish nutrition, and make hair bright persistently.

1. Clean and blow dry to 80%.

2. Identify the hair quality (according to the mixture proportion listed in the table).

3. Apply Agent A evenly extend it onto hair 1.5 cm away from scalp.

4. Leave for 15 - 25 minutes, according to hair quality.

5. Rinse off with water, blow dry to 80%.

6. Repeatedly straighten hair with ion clamp, temperature determined according to hair quality.

7. Wet hair with water, comb Agent B amino acid and aqua nutrition penetration emulsion onto hair.

8. Leave for 10 - 15 minutes then rinse off.

9. Apply treatment if required.

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