August 2013

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NIGAO Professional: Magic Pourmask for SPA Therapy

NIGAO Professional:
Magic Pourmask for SPA Therapy
Germany KaQi Technology and Formulation
International Raw Material

Volume: 350 ml X 1 + 20 ml X 2

Containing natural plant essence, rich protein and plant essential oil. This product is able to nourish your scalp and soften the scalp surface by forming the softening factors into a layer of protective film. It can also improve the fiber tissues of your hair to make it soft, shinning and easy to make up.

1. Clean hair with professional shampoo and dry hair by 80%.
2. Based on the conditions of your hair, put a proper amount of pourmask and nutriment into a container and mix them well; Recommended ratio: 1 : 10, Nutriment : Pourmask.
2. Apply the the mixture evenly on your hair layer by layer
3. Heat your hair by using steamer for 10 - 15 minutes (or natural stay for 20 - 25 minutes).
4. Wash hair while massaging scalp using warm water.
5. It is recommended to use this product once per week for better result.

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